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The ingredients of a coffee liqueur


This unique liquor is preprepared with alcohol of coffee beans, which give it not only the appropriate color, but also unmatched flavor of invigorating drink. Alcohol contain in any coffee liqueur is approximately 17-27 %. You should also remember that caffeine is contained in a concentrated form.

This liquor has appeared in America, so the major brands also have their origin in those countries. You can make it in two ways: by insisting on vodka or rum. But in any case, the result is always stunning. Each manufacturer has its original secret supplements for unique flavors of coffee liqueur

Coffee liquor is also unique, because it is used not only as a single drink, but as an ingredient of many other recipes. Most often when cooking desserts or cocktails. You can also prepare it on your own. So, to make a coffee liqueur, you will need: sugar (four cups ), the same amount of water, vodka or rum of your choice (two glasses), soluble coffee (1 cup), vanilla (1 tablespoon) and Caramel (1 tablespoon).

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