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Popular cocktails with coffee


Coffee is one of favorite drinks of most of people around the world. Turkish coffee boiled in a turk, French coffee filled with boiling water, with cream, milk or spices, hot or cold – people drink it in any form! Coffee cocktails are also very popular, because they integrate all the beneficial properties of coffee, and at the same time allow you to enjoy the diversity of tastes and shades. We offer for your consideration a selection of cold coffee cocktails, and hope that some of them will become your favorites. Or maybe, these recipes will help you invent your own cocktail recipe. But do not get carried away, because some of them contain liquor, and, of course, coffee, which invariably includes caffeine. That is, the excess rate of consumption can be harmful to your health. You should know that coffee liqueur can be purchased in liquor stores.

Iced coffee is used for some cold coffee cocktails making. It is quite simple to make it. You just need to make coffee the way you like, cool it and pour into a mold for the ice, put it in a freezer and wait until the cubes of iced coffee will be ready. Read more about drinks you can taste at Caffe Mayan.

So, here are some recipes of cold coffee cocktails.

Cold Irish coffee. Irish whiskey is not added in Irish coffee as one might think. However, this is not a soft drink. You will need a 4 glasses of chilled coffee, 1 tsp of ground cinnamon, a glass of sugar, 1 glass of milk, 1 glass coffee liqueur, whipped cream and ground cinnamon for decoration. Shake up all the ingredients, except milk, in a mixer or blender until homogeneous state. Then add the milk and shake again. Pour into glasses and garnish with whipped cream and ground cinnamon.

Frosty cappuccino. To make this cocktail, cook, cool and freeze in cubes3 glasses of strong coffee. You will also need 1 tsp of ground cinnamon, brandy, a glass of milk, vanilla or coffee ice cream. Whisk brandy, milk, iced coffee and cinnamon in a blender until homogeneity. Pour into glasses, add a little ice cream until it is melted into each glass.

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