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How garlic is used in coffee drinks


Probably each of us has tasted a natural coffee, coffee with cream, milk, brandy, honey, etc.... Who has tried coffee with garlic? Not so many persons. If you haven't tasted this drink then you have lost a lot. Of course, skeptics will say that it is a crap and it is impossible to drink it. Yes, it is a drink for gourmets, but you need to try everything in your life. It may seem that the coffee with artichoke garlic a sort of softneck garlic is too spicy drink with incomprehensible taste. Do not be afraid - a clove of garlic will not float in a mug of coffee. It is placed there for a time to give coffee bright and unusual taste. In addition, after drinking such a coffee, you will not have a garlic odor from your mouth. So you can safely drink such a coffee before a date and at the date to surprise your loved one. Read more about popular cocktail drinks containing coffee.

This kind of coffee is preferred by unusual and vibrant characters with creative thinking, who are capable of doing crazy things. Why do you need to add clove of garlic in a coffee? Garlic adds coffee astringency, saturation and makes its taste irresistible. There are some interesting recipes for coffee and garlic. Here is one of them. So, read and try.

Coffee with garlic

Ingredients (for 2 servings):
300 gammas of purified water
2 tablespoons of ground coffee
2 cloves of garlic
sugar - to taste, or not to add at all
black pepper and salt - quite a bit.

Preparation: Pt all ingredients of this recipe to put in the turk and cover with water. The composition should boil, but do not boiled for a long time in any case! Remove a drink from heat and allow it to cool for 2-3 minutes. Pour into cups and drink. Garlic gives unusual taste to coffee and combination of pepper and salt makes it stronger and more intense.

Nora Joseph for about hardneck garlic useful properties.

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