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Corporate events organization tips: best cocktail ideas

When organizing any type of corporate event, it is very significant to pay a great attention to drinks. These days, it is very popular to select various types of coffee cocktails for corporate catering. As a result, searching for the best coffee beans is very significant as well. With a variety of coffee cocktails you can make any party the most unforgettable one.

So, what to take into account when searching for coffee beans? When shopping for coffee, there are a lot of factors to think about. If you purchase it ground, how do you make out how long time ago it was ground? And what should you think about in so far as types of beans, where they came from, and how they were grown as well?

There are just two types of coffee beans accessible in the market: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is grown in high altitudes and is well-known for its smooth, a little acidic taste. On the other hands, Robusta is grown in lower altitudes and is well-known for its stronger, bitterer taste. That’s why, Arabica is regarded as a higher grade bean, however yet again that depends on how it is grown and treated on its way to the roaster, and doesn't essentially guarantee a quality product.

So, when choosing the best coffee beans for your corporate catering event, think about the next factors:
- Taste. Everyone wants coffee to be always tasty. Discovering that dream cup will take a little test and error.
- Caffeine content. Opposite to common sense, dark roasts in reality have less caffeine. That’s why espresso beans are apt to be in the medium roast area, as a result if you are searching to make the most of your caffeine drinking that way, choose a medium-light roast.

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