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Coffee with garlic recipe


There are many ways of preparing coffee with garlic. And the names for such a drink are different. For example, Hebrew coffee, Serbian coffee or Israeli coffee. Try a coffee with garlic, and perhaps this drink will come into your life and your family will love it.

A recipe: a handful of coffee beans is roasted in a pan, then 2 cloves of garlic are added there. After roasting, grind coffee beans and cloves of garlic in a coffee grinder and cook until a drink is ready on a low heat. It is allowed to add sugar or honey.

In addition, it is recommended to drink coffee with garlic when you are coughing or heaving respiratory diseases. This coffee boosts immunity, improves mood and gives strength and energy for the whole day. And what is most important - no smell of garlic. Try this recipe when you feel bad and you will get a quick relief.

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