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Coffee and Weddings

The name of the article might seem to be strange because weddings are not usually associated with coffee. But think this through, if you wedding begins in the morning and lasts till the dawn or even further, your guests will need some additional energy during the whole celebration. So instead of giving them real energy drinks that will destroy their stomachs, think about creating a coffee bar with cocktails based on coffee to cheer them up! The idea is simply genius and below we prepared some useful information that will help you find the best wedding caterer in Toronto who also offers coffee bar solution.

What makes the perfect coffee break on a wedding?

Without any doubts, your wedding schedule will be packed with events, relocations, and food propositions for your guests. But the questions is again present: well people be able to handle everything at a time without losing their mind and power? The answer is "probably no". So your job is to give them breaks from time to time and ensure that they gain some energy during them.

The easiest way to make sit and relax is by offering them some kind of show. This is why you need professional wedding caterers to prepare this show for you. You will need a coffee bar and a professional bartender who will be preparing a variety of coffee drinks for your guests and making a show of it.

You need to ensure that this bartender will be able to create at least 20 coffee cocktails to keep your guests involved and interested throughout the breaks. Moreover, you need to make sure that he or she will have some cocktails ready for your guests because it is obvious that one person is physically unable to create enough cocktails for a hundred of people. Or if you want the show to be even more interesting, hire several baristas for your event. Keep also in mind that coffee cocktails, while being based on coffee, can also contain some alcohol to preserve good mood of your guests and add special flavors to your drinks.

Cocktails can save you life during the day, but when the dawn comes you need to give your guests some good portion of energy to continue partying. This is why a lot of wedding caterers in Toronto advise setting up some espresso break close to the morning.

And the final point about the coffee bar at your wedding. As you know, not all people love coffee and coffee based cocktails so you need to think about them too. For non-coffee drinkers you can set up hot chocolate stations or thermoses with different kinds of tea to ensure they do not feel left out of your fest.

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