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Coffee Facts:

1. 67% of adults drink coffee on a daily basis
2. 52% of coffee is consumed before lunch
3. The average coffee drinker has 3
    cups per day
4. Coffee represents 18% of all beverages
    consumed, second to tap water
5. 9% of coffee consumed is decaffeinated

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Cafe Mayan, Where the Love of Coffee
Runs in the Family

Omar Sagastume, founder of Cafe Mayan, is no stranger to the world of coffee.  As a child growing up in Guatemala, his grandfather taught him all about the family business of growing coffee beans.  He taught Omar the importance of selecting the highest quality beans and heating them to the optimal temperature to extract the beans' highest quality of flavor.  Read more

     What Makes our Coffee Better
It is our goal that your experience with Cafe Mayan is both pleasurable and memorable.

Whether you are sipping a cappuccino in our cafe, enjoying a meal with us, or brewing our coffee at home, we measure our success by the quality of your experience.

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Join our new project "Right coffee in every home"

Cafe Mayan together with Torontohotproperties real estate agency present their joint project, the main goal of which is the development of a culture of coffee drinking. The program of the project includes several trainings, on which all the participants will have an ability to find out more about different types of coffee, as well as try different methods of its brewing. Everyone will get tasty presents from our partners.

Join our event

Become a guest of stunning presentation of elegant drinkware collection. The event will take place in Cafe Mayan the next month. The presentation of drinkware collection is accompanied by a great banquet. Don't miss an opportunity to have a great time in Cafe Mayan and try the best ale in East LA from restaurant!

Cafe Mayan is more than just a gourmet food and beverage establishment. We cater to a diverse group of customers, from business people to college students. We serve the finest dishes and drinks during private parties, public or corporate events. With professionals buy alcohol online for your private events and parties and let us create delicious beverages! Also Cafe Mayan is the best place for coffee and beer lovers. And if you are a big fan of delicious craft beer, we advise you to visit craft beer bar in Los Angeles, to discover an impressive assortment of beer on tap.

Cafe Mayan is the perfect place to meet old friends and make new ones, or simply to relax and let the world go by.
You've planned an evening out? Call your best friend, get dressed or just put on your favourite casual ARA footwear and a pair of jeans and have an unforgettable evening out. enjoying your company.
Cafe Mayanuses only the best drinking water filters to ensure the quality and purity of the water.

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